Monkey Facts

Interesting Monkey Facts That Most People Do Not Know

We all know what they are and watching them act silly at the local zoo, but some of these monkey facts are probably things you knew nothing about.  Monkeys of all species are fascinating creatures.


For those who believe in evolution, it is said that humans evolved from monkeys. 

For those who believe in creation, the monkey is still an amazing animal, one with many similarities to humans.

Just for fun, we wanted to provide some interesting monkey facts, which are educational, but also great for trivia.

The first of our monkey facts is that most monkeys, even cute little chimpanzees are not overly fond of being touched. Chimpanzees that have been raised in domesticated conditions can handle being touched, but overall, they prefer to live in groups of other monkeys without being touched or handled by humans.

Monkeys are extremely strong, even small spider monkeys. Unfortunately, people have been killed by “pet” chimpanzees that became out of control for one reason or another. This is why all monkeys require a trained handler due to extraordinary strength.

Another one of our monkey facts is that some of the top predators of this primate include not only humans but also eagles and hawks.

Monkeys are very vocal creatures, especially in the wild but the loudest monkey of them all is the Howler Monkey, thus the name. The scream is so piercing and loud that it can be heard from as far away as 100 miles!

In all, approximately 260 different species exist throughout the world.

Monkeys never catch common colds.


The pygmy marmoset is the smallest monkey, growing to no more than six inches long.

When talking about monkeys on an official level, they are divided into:

New World Monkeys

Old World Monkeys

The primates that live in the New World category originate from South and Central America, and have flat noses. The monkeys that are in the Old World category are from Africa and Asia, and feature a narrower nose.

Monkeys are highly social. In the wild, they live in families consisting of hundreds of monkeys. These groups are known as “troops”, which have a hierarchy structure.

Monkeys are excellent swimmers, although most prefer to stay out of the water.

The tiny spider monkey is quite an interesting creature. The tip of this monkey’s tail is so strong that it can support the weight of the entire body.

In India, the money is worshipped, believed to be the manifestation of the God Hanuman.

The last of our monkey facts is that these animals will spend hours a day grooming each other. When visiting the zoo, you often see them picking on each other’s hair and skin, which helps remove bugs that are eaten.

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